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A Million Dreams

(to paraphrase)

They can say it all sounds crazy

That we've lost our minds

I don't care that it all sounds crazy

I can live in a world that I design

I'm assuming you've seen the movie The Great Showman. "A Milliion Dreams" is one of the songs on the soundtrack. What caught me up in the feels is the version sung by Pink below. Pink has an undeniable rebel nature that resonates with me.

(Sources: Atlantic Records, Youtube)

I know that in the darkest moments of our lives what we need most is hope. As our tears soak the pillow we pretend to sleep on, we pray away the horrors and try to imagine that place where nothing hurts, no one betrays and everyone just loves. The hope that somehow we will get through the darkest moments, that we will survive through it and come out on the other side.

In one of my darkest moments, a friend's voice told me "God didn't design you to be a sufferer..He designed you for greater things". At that point in time, my religious beliefs of unconditional love were keeping me in pain and suffering in an abusive relationship. I am so glad that I listened to that voice of hers.

Today, my future self is that voice. The objective 3rd party (slightly biased) who only wishes the best for me and is on that other side of all of this. She has seen where my life has gone, the rich and beautiful experiences I have and the loving and kind people whom I will meet and belong with. Her eyes are filled with wonder, excitement and joy. She gently ushers me to keep working on my dreams.

If you're at this point of your life, where you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and your eyes are tired with exhaustion, breathe deeply three times and invite future you in your dreams. See as he/she/they beckon(s) and keep following that dream, never mind whether possible or impossible. Let the tears flow to soothe and heal where needed. And see the world that's in your dreams. Permit yourself to say it's possible. Nevermind what's happening now. What's happening now is temporary. Enjoy your million dreams. If that is what it will take to get you to your future state.

Here's to the million dreams! If that's what it takes!

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