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Celebrating All Our Protagonists

Today and every day, we celebrate our Protagonists

The ones who are the leads in their own stories

and they don't realise it yet

but when they do, they own it

Who agonise over the decisions to make a change or keep things the same

who knows what the cost of sameness is as they feel the stirring in their hearts

Who agonise over what happens to the people they love

with or without the result of their decisions

Who struggle to find the right words to speak

and even when they do speak they wonder if their 'ramblings' made sense

or if their words hit home

Who hold their head up high

no matter the burden of the world on their shoulders

Who cry themselves to sleep over the apathy,

lack of love and sensibilities that surround them

Who dream of a better world, a better tomorrow

who dare to envision it and take the steps needed, bit by bit to get there.

We salute you. We see you. We love you.

You are why others don't tread the waters of a troubling ocean

because you've already made the crossing to land

Your stories, your marks, your eyes and your heart

they are a testament to the journeys

you've made with the noblest of intentions

and the strongest of fights ever seen to overcome all odds.

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