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Suzanne Freyjadis

Founder & CEO of Ailm Dara, Suzanne is using the skills developed over the course of a global career to change the way people think about joy, resilience & persistence. She has expertise in interactivity, global affairs, higher education & women's leadership. Her lectures on Diversity & Inclusion in games are mind opening. 


Suzanne has a deep understanding of social impact games, educational games & video game curriculum from over 15 years in the industry. 


Suzanne's an innovator who has inclusion, accessibility & globalization as core values. Suzanne has worked with international NGOs, lived & worked in Lithuania during their fight for independence, traveled extensively and feels strongly that all countries and their populations are important and of value.


She is a keynote speaker who has launched a transmedia program for the EU and speaks regularly at game conferences. She ran a Women’s Game Conference where she was the first person in the industry to bring E-Sports players into the conversation. She also ran the Game Curriculum Conference which was created to support the development of video game programs at universities.


Her MA is in Women’s and Gender Studies from UT, where her thesis was one of the first in the field of video game studies and is still regularly cited, BA in International Relations from USC.

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