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It's Okay

YOU Deserve BETTER *Always* *Any time*

They don't deserve YOU

Your kindness Your compassion Your ideas Your time Your support Your money Your energy Your championing Your sacredness Your joy Your power Your spirit Your love

We think that if they have demonstrated their trustworthiness at least once then, they must be worth that trust we offer them. So they keep doing them - showing us that they are not to be trusted because their deeds don't match their words. And we keep looking for a sign that tells us that we are not wrong about them, to begin with it.

It's okay to walk away.

Also, it's totally okay to feel the fear of what could go wrong and feel like you cannot do better. Where the thoughts of what can go wrong feel like death itself.

It's okay to feel everything and think everything that you feel and think. It's okay to go "this mind f&^# I don't need". "But I love them" And feel that battle of wits within you.

It's also okay that you leave and then, you go back through the revolving door. It's okay to do that a few times.

It's also okay to say "the pain I feel from saying goodbye is temporary" And "I will get through this pain and be with someone who deserves my gifts of kindness-to-love".

And then, you leave. Finally.

This is the process - your process. It's okay to process as you process.

It's okay that all you know right now is the next step.

It's okay to not have your shit together.

It's okay to not have your shit together all the freaking time.

It's okay to keep reminding yourself that the pain is temporary.

It's okay to remind yourself that you are still alive.

That you've gone through hell and back

A few times

And you're still standing, breathing

Dealing with things as you go.

Doing your best.

It's okay to celebrate doing your best.

It's okay to celebrate you, where you are, right now.

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