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Resilience & the Suez Canal

The recent Suez Canal incident makes a great metaphor..

At times, a mental block or limiting belief veers our vessel just slightly off-course. As our vessel stays grounded, it's hard to avoid or deny what's going on and how much it's costing us. Especially as the days chalk up.

No matter how much we pedal to the metal, the vessel isn't budging, we know that. And it's carrying our precious cargo of hopes & dreams.

We hope and pray that the water levels in the canal rise (waiting on external factors) because we need to keep moving or that another vessel can nudge us in the right direction. So we're sat there waiting for the rescue.

Meanwhile, life feels like it's on hold. We try to stay calm but feel the anxiety building. We feel stuck. A sense of dread floods us. Then self-doubt, shame, self-flogging appear.. why did I decide to it today.. of all days.. look what I've done. The worst is when we think we should have known better and repeat the cycle of self-doubt, shame and flogging. That we should have known that that day is the day you're going to ground your vessel. That as an experienced human being you should know better.


How could we have known or predicted that that would be the day? Say this instead..

I am putting aside the judgement, shame and flogging.. this is my moment for growth. I could not have known. For my inner resourcefulness, patience and trust to develop. To find out what I'm really capable of. This is the first time that my limiting belief is showing up in full force. The one that's causing me to choose pain, self-sabotage or procrastination. Let's get a breakthrough and get my vessel afloat again. Let's get help.

Resilience grows like a sudden green pushing out of a block of cement. I have heaps of these in my backyard reminding me that no matter what, they will persevere. Resiliences creates newer synapses within our brain that empowers our spirit and heart - the very makeup of our mindset (heart, spirit & mind).

It's way easier to develop this resilience within us with zero judgement & shame. Flood your vessel with compassion and kindness to build resilience. The resilience which tells us that we're going to make it no matter what happens and we have enough of our inner resourcefulness, trust and sense of belonging to take on anything. Develop the resilience that's readily available no matter the hiccup, event or chain of events that happen. Resilience that also gives us the power to carve our own way out to sea and not always use the path well-travelled.


Check out Daily 1% Better to discover how you can develop more inner resourcefulness and your resilience.

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