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Support US! Help Women Leave Abusive Relationships

I have started a GoFundMe Campaign to help subsidize the cost of building a native phone app loaded with content (strategies, micro steps, videos, games & music) as well as a community of resources to help them LEAVE & THRIVE.

When I left my abusive husband in 2018 I was terrified, but I had created games that had prepared me mentally & emotionally to leave, which was a huge help. The first thing women need to learn is to put themselves first, which is why that is the focus of our first mobile game. A game that helps women learn how to see themselves as important to their own lives.

I am not an anomaly....I am not alone. Here's why:

More than 30% of women GLOBALLY are currently in an abusive relationship.

That's MILLIONS of WOMEN! We are creating a NEW SYSTEM to support women trapped in partner abuse.

  1. One based on mobile games that use methodologies that actually create change in ways of thinking for the player.

  2. Women globally will be able to access the games wherever they are using their phones or computer.

  3. The game is something anyone can play so the abusers won't be able to tell that there is something different about this game, to keep the women safe.

The $10,000 will help support the creation of Soft Landing Society's first mobile game. The mobile game will help women learn how to put themselves first.

This game has been developed with therapists as well as survivors of domestic violence.

I created this game when she was preparing to leave her abusive husband in 2018. As a 15 year veteran of the video game industry, I know the effectiveness of video games' ability to create change in thinking. This is why the Soft Landing Society is based on this research. Research shows that one of the best ways to help people to think differently is through playing games that are fun, engaging and utilize game mechanics that access the brain in ways to support change. This game will support women in their first steps to leave, which is one of the most difficult aspects of partner abuse. CONTRIBUTE TO OUR FUND NOW USING THE LINK BELOW:

Thank YOU!

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