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We are now Ailm Dara

This is long-awaited news.

Soft Landing Society is now Ailm Dara.

Ailm means Strength and Dara means Inner Strength in Gaelic.

For months, Suzanne and I have been working on an inspirational name to call the business, our mission and purpose. To define how we will deliver value to our clients and alliance members and also lead the amazing team members who have joined us or are about to.

Ailm & Dara resonate with us as when we were closing those chapters of our lives that were the most painful things we did, the degree of strength required was incredible. We'd say even more than what we are doing now.

We are incredibly proud of the work that we have done so far. Especially behind the scenes.

Thank you to the many who've supported us on LinkedIn, Go Fund Me, Facebook and Instagram.

Onward Dara!

Jenny & Suzanne

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