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Poem - Beyond the Gas Light

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Beyond the Gas Light

By Taylor Catesby

Trapped in subtle torment, I didn't realize I was caught. He whispered "sorry" every time, But then he soon forgot. I thought nothing of the things he said, I blocked them from my mind. But if a recollection slipped, I knew he'd not be kind.

His finger pointed right at me, As he'd assign the blame. He said all he could to make me cry While he would scream my name.

It was never him, but always me, A compelling case he made.

When his words struck me like pendulums,

My hope began to fade.

Sometimes I couldn't listen; What he said just wasn't true, But I thought I couldn't leave him Until I was black and blue.

But if you had peered inside my mind, You would have seen it battered, So I finally escaped a life

Where my heartache never mattered.

I left my puppet master And I leapt out from my cage. I ran out towards my freedom-- To a life without his rage.

Now my mind is slowly healing While my eyes begin to dry. Although my wings are broken, I am learning how to fly.

Full credit to Taylor Catesby


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