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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Imagine not being able to wear pink because your partner doesn't like it. Though it may be your favourite, your needs don't matter.

At the onset of a relationship, one might concede in such a scenario. We expect that it's the partner who doesn't like pink. It shouldn't matter, right? But in coercive-abusive relationships, it wasn't an option, to begin with.

That's one such scenario. It starts sometimes with little things like this. What you wear, what you eat and when you eat. Then, how you speak, when you speak or should you even be speaking? Happens to smart, educated women too. Their offenders dominate every facet of their lives. The offended watch on, thinking that it's in their best interest, totally unsuspecting of the inner motives.

The day the offended wear pink is the day they start claiming their power back. Secretly even, perhaps, to slowly rebuild their power.

Now, imagine that!


If you are looking to leave your abusive partner, drop us an email to gain access to our Six Step Process to prepare.

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