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Coercive Control

What You Need to Know about Coercive Control

"How did I end up in such a relationship in the first place when I'm a smart, independent and educated professional woman"?

Some of us won't get coercive control. That's ok. We can't understand how someone educated and smart could give up their power to someone else.

Trust me when I say that the person who 'gave up their power' can't believe it either. I've been there and after leaving, I too wondered how in the world that could have happened to me. And I'm someone who's regarded for her strength, tenacity, smarts and grit.

It happens because we don't realise what's happening. The way the offender operates is so subtle and it comes from a position of power. In my case, I was looking for acceptance because for most of my life, I always felt like the odd one. He was the one on the inside - he was my gateway in. On top of that, particularly as women, there's a part of us that doesn't want to be overly disagreeing with a potential mate. We work very hard to not be who we are at work. We hear those labels all the time being applied to professional women. "She's aggressive." We choose to be agreeable but what we are doing is conceding power bit by bit.

One of the most startling realisations is that coercive control occurred within the first interaction.

Being aware is being informed.

Watch this webinar to find out more.

How to know if you are in a coercively-controlled relationship

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