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Announcing Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer Jenny Vaz

We are so excited to announce that the incomparable Jenny Vaz has come on board Soft Landing Society as Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer.

She is the creator of the practical & pragmatic, Daily 1% Better program that will be available as its own app and her work will be integrated into the app to help women leave abuse. Jenny has over 20 years of experience in Digital, Tech, Consulting & Research and has already been working on our apps and moving us forward at a rapid pace.

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Jenny is based in Sydney and is the COO and Board Member of World Gay Boxing Championships and is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach and an Accredited Consultant in Human Behaviour (E-DISC). She is currently pursuing her certification in Neuro Coaching with Mark Waldman.

Please join me in welcoming this amazing woman to our company!

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