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Hair Fall & Innerwork

What does hair fall have to do with living daily 1% better?

For the past year, my hair has been falling at an alarming rate. For those of you who have seen me, you might think "Oh Jenny, you have thick gorgeous hair. I'm sure you've got nothing to worry about."

My former hairdressers might agree with you and that's not the point. You may think it's about the water, the shampoo theory (change your shampoo every 3 months - said a hairdresser once) or it's the season.

It's my diet or the lack of a proper one. I've been on intense levels of stress in the last three years since going full-time in three businesses and struggled with eating well and exercising enough (what I call the "bosslife"). As a result, my cells have taken a hit.

I spoke with a hairstylist sometime in October last year who advised, "if the strands are falling from the root, then it's the diet or cell health that you need to address".

Nothing I don't know, right?

I purchased a three-month supply of power-packed vitamins about 5 months ago. My intake of Vit D has had a 4-out-of-7day hit rate.

My post here isn't to tell you that I've got this sorted or to offer any medical advice. It's to say that I'm human and I have areas of inner work that I too am doing. Also to add that we all have those parts and moments where we, as intelligent humans, know what's logical. But for some reason, we can't or don't do it. Not for the lack of anything such as willpower or determination. That we all have our areas of strengths and areas we need to work on. I'm getting help.

It is my mindset. That deep inside of me, there's a part that thinks that everything else is way more important. "Have to get those things done". That's more important than what's going on for me. I'm conscious that this is part of my past (from that little Jenny) that's still playing out. We're never really done on working on ourselves, thank goodness for that!

I am at a point where I can't keep this going. I'm getting help and receiving it. As much as facing the pain (jarring!) and shame (judgy) are confronting, I have learned to embrace them (with kindness and compassion). Also, I am vain. I want my health, vitality and hair!

The deal is we don't need to sacrifice one part of our lives to have another. We were told that before. I know I was. Those are false beliefs.

If you're still reading this and seeing a similar pattern playing out in your life right now, do the inner work. Get the help. It's ok to ask for help and to receive it. All you have to do is 1% better daily.

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